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Men's NetWork WORK DAY 2014

On April 26, 2014, the Men's NetWork will host its second WORK DAY. This event is a nationwide opportunity for guys to do something positive for their neighborhoods and communities. Registration is now open at Every guy who participates will receive a Men's NetWork cap to wear the day of the event.

When it comes to projects, be imaginative. Is a local public park's playground equipment in disrepair? Have you and your group got the skills and tools to make it good again? There's a job. Is there winter brush and debris strewn along public walking and biking trails that can be hauled away? Does anybody in your group have a pickup truck? There's a job. Is there graffiti scrawled along the side of a public school in your area? Are there guys with the know-how to get it removed? There, certainly, is a job.

Last year guys spent the day painting interiors, mending fences, repairing roofs, planting trees, clearing brush, fixing cement, building a deck, and more. The sky's pretty much the limit on this one. You may see other opportunities too. Maybe your local Salvation Army, community food pantry, area animal shelter, youth center, soup kitchen, or nursing home has a work in progress or needs some manpower for something else. Chances are they'd be happy to hear from you!

For other ideas, check out our suggestions:

To support the MNW WORK DAY, a Facebook page will be dedicated exclusively to the day's activities. Here participants can share what they're working on, post their photos during the day, and tell their stories after the event. This will be available at

The Men's NetWork 2014 WORK DAY-men making a difference—one community at a time.

Caps will be shipping mid-April to arrive before your work day!


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