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These little features are just that—video shorts. Like finger foods at a potluck supper, these crispy clips are fresh, easy to digest, and keep you coming back for more. Check here for the latest additions to “Stuff They Didn’t Teach Me In Sunday School” and “The Baloney Shop” and for brand-new menu selections.

Stuff They Didn't Teach Me In Sunday School
Sunday SchoolEver wondered if there was just a bit more to some of those lessons you learned in Sunday school? Well, we thought so too. Join Bruce Wurdeman as he takes you behind the scenes and uncovers "Stuff They Didn't Teach Me In Sunday School."
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The Baloney Shop
BaloneyChrist, His people and the Christian faith are under attack. Most of the time those attacks are just baloney. On these videos Pastor Klaus, speaker of The Lutheran Hour goes on the attack pointing out, in a simple way, the foolishness and fallacies of the criticisms the Savior's soldiers have to face. Please, feel free to use them and share them. And...when the world sends you some baloney, let us know. It may show up in Klaus' Baloney Shop.
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Organize a Golf Tournament

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Newest Men's NetWork Groups:

Men of Faith
Watertown, WI

Victorious Life Church Men's Bible Study
Covington, GA

The Brown Baggers
Salida, CO

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Upcoming Local/Regional Events:

IL, Belvidere: Men's 3rd annual retreat
April 25, 2014 - April 27, 2014
Host Church: Immanuel Lutheran

WI, Wild Rose: 3rd Annual Men's Retreat
April 25, 2014 - April 27, 2014
Host Church: Belvidere Immanuel Lutheran

VA, Alexandria: Iron Sharpens Iron Excursion
May 3, 2014 - May 3, 2014
Host Church: St. John's Lutheran Church

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