July 29, 2014  

Looking for Your WEAR in the World Pictures!
August is when summer vacations start wrapping up -- at least for those with school-age kids in tow. It's also the time to send us your WEAR in the World pictures to mensnetwork@lhm.org. Qualifying pictures submitted will receive a CHOICE of either a sleeve of three official Men's NetWork golf balls OR an official Men's NetWork logo barbecue propane lighter. Either of these have the potential to make you the envy of your friends -- whether you're teeing off or firing up.


Project Connect Materials on Spiritual Life ~ Yours for the Download
Getting Acquainted With The Book That Gives You Freedom is lesson six of an eight-part series on spiritual life, which discusses various teachings from the Bible. This lesson focuses on getting to know the Bible better. It asks questions like what is the central message of the Bible? Can this book really be believed? Who wrote it?


Data Central: The Lutheran Layman
Ever wonder what's going on at Lutheran Hour Ministries beyond what you hear through the Men's NetWork e-newsletter? Giving you the details is The Lutheran Layman. In it we reach people throughout the United States and around the world. For instance, did you know young people from Faith Lutheran Church in Vista, California, were inspired by LHM's five14 teen program and have raised thousands of dollars in an outreach called "Freedom for Eight"? This outreach has assisted eight individuals who are victims of the 21st-century market in human trafficking in the San Diego area.


Join the Fun before the Summer's Done
We're getting into the homestretch of the Sixth Annual Men's NetWork North American Fishing Tournament.


Raising Your Children with Respect
Raising a family is hard work, especially in today's world. Many external forces reach into our homes and influence our families, but studies still show that children look to their parents for guidance in the major areas of their lives.


Winter Sports
I'm not much for extreme golfing.


Men's NetWork Bible Studyl:: Noah - The Man, The Ark, The Flood
(Includes subtitles in English) A five centuries-old man building a huge boat on the startling news of coming floodwaters - sounds like the makings of one remarkable story. It is. Jump in and get your feet wet with Noah: The Man, The Ark, The Flood, the latest Bible study from the Men's NetWork.

Our Newest Men's NetWork Groups

St. Paul Men's Group
Birmingham, AL

Bethany Lutheran Men
Campbell River, BC

Sherman Oaks Lutheran Church
Sherman Oaks, CA

St. Paul's Men 248 Bible Study
Tracy, CA

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