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Admit it. There's a pile of stuff in your garage that stays there because you don't know where else to put it, but you know it's still useful. You know that pile? Welcome to our garage ...

Man Stuff

Man Stuff Blog

Here’s a place where guys can kick around some ideas, mull over a thought or two, maybe even test fly some grand notion. It’s really just about conversation—some serious, some not so serious—and may range from sports and politics to religion and, well, whatever is on your mind.
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Find a Group

Find a Group Near You

This information pipeline gives you the details you need to hook you up with a local men's group of believers in your area.
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T-shirts, hats, golf balls, and more!
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Here on Facebook we enjoy the lighter side of being men of Jesus Christ making a difference in God's world.
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Help Us Grow

Help Us Grow

We’ve already received a number of inquiries regarding donations and the Men’s NetWork. Let us say up front, we appreciate greatly all those who have voiced an interest in making a contribution to this much-needed men’s ministry effort. Of course, the Men's NetWork, like other programs LHM offers, requires funds to create and sustain.
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The Forum

Men's NetWork Forum

Speak your mind on politics, the economy, theology, marriage, or a grab bag we call, "Area 51."
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Something to Think About

Something to Think About Archives

These bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, humor, and occasional nonsense give you something to think about when your mind needs a snack.
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Links & Resources

External Links & Resources

Here's a bunch of interesting stuff that you might want to look at for your men's ministry.  You're a mere click away from details about some really hip, happening, and downright groovy and/or righteous stuff...(O.K. maybe that's a overstatement...but you get the idea.)
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