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Disclaimer for The Forum:

Hello and welcome to the Men's NetWork Forum. We write these words knowing full well that 99 percent of the individuals using the Men's NetWork Forum never needed to read this message to begin with. Why? Because they've got class.

However ... before you begin, we feel obliged to state the guidelines of this forum. No advertising of any kind is allowed, this includes links to sites designed only to sell products or services. These links will be removed and users may be restricted. We encourage lively discussion, speak your mind, react, state your opinion, disagree and have some fun but ... be a man ... be civil. Jerks will not be tolerated.

This is not the place to blast the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod or any other Church body, Lutheran or otherwise. This is not the place to launch personal attacks, demonstrate your mastery of the use of four-letter words, or in any way slam somebody. This board is monitored. Guideline violators will be banned. We'd take away your "man card" ... but then again, you already know, deep down, that you don't qualify for one in the first place.

With that being said, we thank you for stopping by, signing up, and telling us what's on your mind.

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